• What is Apple HomeKit?
    HomeKit is a new framework for home automation developed by Apple. HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control HomeKit-enabled accessories using Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch etc. HomeKit certification ensures that all accessories will work together flawlessly.
  • What is a HomeKit accessory?
    Accessories are HomeKit-enabled products that have an official “Works with Apple HomeKit” badge on their packaging. These accessories are certified by Apple under its MFi Program.
  • Is Aura Compatible with Amazon Alexa?
    Yes. Aura Switch is compatible with amazon Alexa, you can enable Wozart aura Skill on alexa and use Amazon Alexa/echo to control all the connected appliances.
  • Is Aura compatible with Google Home?
    Yes. Aura Switch is compatible with Google Home. Enable Wozart aura on Google Assistant > Home Control and you are good to go.
  • Can I control my appliances both with iOS and Android Devices simultaneously?
    Yes. You can control all your connected appliances from both iOS and android devices simultaneously.
  • How many devices would it take to automate my 2/3bhk?
    The number of devices will vary depending on the extent of automation you desire. Considering an average 3BHK, basic automation would require 4-5 Aura switches.
  • How do I ensure no unauthorized access to my Home?
    For any person, a house should be the most secure location and we understand that. Unlike most Home automation products in the market, our data communication happens through the most safe and reliable cloud network i.e. iCloud which is military grade 3072 bit key encrypted. This ensures that no one will have unauthorized access to your home.
  • Do I need to change my Switchboards or wiring ?
    No. There is no need to change switchboards or wiring. Aura Switch is meticulously designed to work in all kinds of existing electrical architectures easily.
  • Do I always need my phone to control the appliances?
    No. You can also control it with the existing electrical switches. In addition to your phone, you can use other smart devices like tablets, Apple watch and Apple airpods. You can also control your appliances in hands free mode through simple voice commands.
  • Do I require an active Internet connection?
    No. You will not require a working Internet connection to control the appliances locally (when both controller device and aura switch are connected to same Wi-Fi network.)
  • How many appliances can be automated with one aura Switch?
    With one aura Switch you can control four loads. However you can club multiple appliances in to one load but in that case you can’t operate them separately. One aura Switch supports one heavy power appliance. Devices with a rating up to 1500 W like ACs, TVs, Microwave, Geyser, Heater can be connected to slot L4 of aura Switch.
  • I am building a new home. When do I get in touch?
    Although you can install our product even after your home is ready, do get in touch at the electrical circuit design stage so that switchboards can be placed strategically thereby automating maximum number of appliances using minimum number of devices.
  • Can I control my appliances while I am away from home?
    Yes. You can control your appliances through Alexa, Google assistant and android phones from where ever you are in the world if you have an active internet connection on your phone. For iOS devices, you will need an Internet connection and a hub at home which can be either a 4th generation or newer iPad, Apple Homepod or an Apple TV.
  • Will your solution affect the performance of my appliances?
    No. We just change the path of electricity to your appliances. There is zero chance that it will affect the performance or life of the appliances.
  • Will my two-way switches work after installing the product?
    No. One of the switches in two-way switches will not work. We are bringing the second control to your phone.
  • Can your device easily fit behind the switchboard?
    Aura Switch has been meticulously designed to fit behind all the standard switchboards. One of the core principles in Aura Switch development is that it should fit behind all the switchboards.
  • What if the WiFi network is down in my house ? Will I be able to control the lights and appliances as usual?
    Yes. Wifi is the communication medium used by Aura Switch to interact with you and your appliances. If your Wifi network is down, you can always operate the manual switches just like before.
  • Can I integrate other products with aura Switch?
    Aura Switch can be integrated with any home automation device with “Woks with Apple HomeKit” badge on the packaging.
  • Once automated, will I be able to control the lights & appliances through only one smart device (phone/tablet)?
    No. Aura Switch can be triggered through multiple smart devices. You can also share access of the automation to your guests. All you need is their email ID.
  • How many devices connected can be dimmed and what are dimmable and non-dimmable loads?
    Three of the four loads connected can be dimmed(Intensity regulation).
    Dimmable Loads: Dimmable LED lights, Incandescent lamps.
    Non Dimmable Loads: CFL lights, Tube Lights, Non dimmable LED lights, and other Home Appliances (TV, Iron box, Mobile chargers etc…).