Android Configuration
  • Download “Wozart Aura” app from Playstore.
  • Click on “LOGIN”.
  • You can either login with your Google account or any other mail ID.
  • On Successful login you will be redirected to Home page of the app.
Amazon Alexa app
Amazon Alexa app
  • Go to settings > WiFi .
  • Connect to “Aura Switch-XXXXXX-Android”.
  • In case in the Wi-fi Settings “Aura Switch-XXXXXX” is listed factory reset the device and “Aura Switch-XXXXXX-Android” will be listed.
  • After connecting to “Aura Switch-XXXXXX-Android” open Wozart Aura App.
  • Tap + and select “Add Aura Switch"
  • Click on Configure
  • You will be redirected to a webpage. Click Configure and enter “auraswitch” in the pin field.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network you want the device to be added and enter the Password of the Wi-Fi net
  • Click Next on successful configuration.
Amazon Alexa app
Amazon Alexa app
  • Scan for aura Switch and click on it.
  • Enter the eight digit unique Setup code and click “SUBMIT”.
  • Configure Appliances by Name, Location, and Icons and click FINISH
  • All configured appliances are at your command.
Amazon Alexa app