Intelligent home for an intelligent you

When you think about how radically our lives have been changed by technology over the past few decades, you really have to wonder – what’s next? Technology changes our world faster than ever now, and we work innovatively to develop and scale technology to ensure that people and nature advance. The goal is to ensure quality as a part of our growth through operations and efficient resources without compromising on the high standards of our products and services.

But it’s not just about efficiency and convenience right? Ever since the growing concern of a healthy environment has caught everyone’s attention, selecting material and equipment which have a minimal impact on the environment becomes one of our main priorities. This is why we are here too. We put forth a superior product to make sure you get the best of both worlds.

Looking for reasons to convince yourself that you need an intelligent home?

  1. To Be Nice to the Environment– Being Eco-Friendly
  2. To save money and drastically reduce your electricity bills
  3. Your own Comfort
  4. For Future Generations

An intelligent home can transform your daily life! Devices are capable of sharing information with a simple voice command. Your smartphone can already predict the weather but by 2036 your wardrobe could select an outfit based on your plans and the latest forecast. An intelligent alarm could adapt your wake-up time to suit any traffic or public transport delays.

Aura Switch has got this whole convenient, luxurious, easy-to-install, thing going on and you’d be missing out if you didn’t get your hands on this piece of tech!

Since smart homes are the next big thing, we haven’t wasted any time in inventing a whole lot of things that Aura Switch can do for you.

-Freezing winters make you want to stay in bed a little longer? Command your water heater on and get straight into that nice hot water.

-Your date is going well and you want to bring it home? Quietly switch on those romantic lights/that romantic music, in the sitting area (with a quick heads up to Alexa) so the mood is set before you reach home.

-Stuck in thick traffic and have a dinner party to host? Get that oven heating and that music started.

-Late to work and you need to get that breakfast cooking? Turn on that toaster and oven to give you a quick easy morning.

And that list can go on for as long as you can imagine. So we totally suggest you, smart investors, to get on board with this crazy ride into the future of smart homes.

To sum it up, an Intelligent Home implies awareness, learning, and personalization. It involves a learning environment embracing the entire spectrum of home entertainment, automation, security, control, and energy management applications.

An Intelligent Home investment is the next stage of evolution beyond connected and smart. It defines the next ten years of opportunity in home technology and services and trust us, you will want to be a part of this.

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