Wozart Aura – India’s only smart home device that works with Apple HomeKit

Machines are aiding us to plan and execute most of our on-demand tasks effectively and efficiently. Machines are good with repetitive and mundane tasks and they even perform them better than us.

If we leverage machines around us to aid us with all the mundane tasks at home & office, we will have more time on our hands to focus on the things that matter. If we are to push the envelope and create something beautiful and long-lasting we need to live more efficiently and smartly

To help in this endeavour we have created Wozart Aura. Wozart Aura is an easy to install & simple to use device that turns existing ordinary appliances and lights smart & connected.

Five minutes is all it takes to turn a simple home to smart one. With Wozart Aura installed you equip your home with Sense of hearing, touch etc. A simple touch or crisp command is all it takes to change the ambience and creating the atmosphere for a plethora of activities.

Wozart Aura Works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa and SmartThings

After a long weary day would it not be awesome if you can just ask aura to switch off the extra lights for you. Create Scenes to control multiple appliances and lights with just a tap. With Scenes, lights and appliances of your liking can be triggered and set to desired intensity in a flash. Want your house to share your mood? Or Make a party more exuberant? Aura can do it all.

You have the full freedom to control & monitor your house from anywhere on the planet. With Wozart Aura, you can set location-based automation to create a perfect ambience for you as you come back home from work.

Wozart Aura is the first & only connected device that works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa & SmartThings. Aura with its compact size and not requiring any additional wiring can be easily installed behind any switchboard.

Just add this smart device behind your existing switchboard, connect it to your Wi-Fi and you are all set to experience the magic. Thinking of shifting your house or in the mood to change the existing automation? No issues, Aura is retrofittable & portable.

The usage of iCloud delivers for the best in class security with absolute data privacy and military-grade encrypted communication protocol enables the safest and secure environment required for home automation to integrate with locks and doorbell cameras. With Over the Air(OTA) updates Wozart Aura will remain a future-proof product.

Be a part of a new lifestyle with Aura which gives you the flexibility in creating the right ambience with lights set to your liking and reflecting your mood with minimal efforts.

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