Technical Specifications
Wozart Technical Specifications
DIY Installation
To connect aura Switch you require insulation tape, a screwdriver, a wire cutter and pliers. First, switch off the power supply to the switch board which is connected to the appliances to be automated.
Open the switch board panel you will see that every switch will have two terminals at the back. One terminal will be commonly connected across all the switches through a naked wire. This is the power supply/live wire going to the switches. The other terminal has the wire connecting your appliance to the switch.
For switch boards with a power socket, the bottom left terminal has the neutral wire connected. If there is no power socket, the neutral will be an unconnected black or blue wire behind the switch board.
Load Connections
Load Connections
  • Connect neutral wire behind the switchboard to terminal N of Aura switch.
  • Connect live wire behind the switchboard to terminal P of Aura switch.
  • Connect inverter wire to terminal I of Aura switch. If no inverter wire is available, connect another live wire to terminal I.
  • Connect appliances or lights as loads to terminals L1, L2, L3 and L4.
Load Connections
Load Capabilities
Load Capabilities
Multiple appliances or lights can be combined as single load but they can’t be controlled separately if done. Loads connected to L1, L2 and L3 can have a combined load of appliances for each slot upto 600W. Load connected to L4 can be a heavy appliance with power rating not exceeding 1500W.
Figure Fig. 02 shows electrical wiring before installing Aura switch.
Switch Connections
Plug switch connector provided in the box to Switch socket of Aura switch. Following are the color of the wires that have to be connected to switches and the respective loads they control.
Ground - Yellow
S1 - Orange - L1
S2 - Red - L2
S3 - Brown - L3
S4 - Black - L4
Figure Fig. 03 shows Load and Switch connections after installing Aura switch.
Power Supply
Figure Fig. 04 shows power supply connection if inverter wiring isn’t available. Now that the wiring is done, carefully remove the sticker from the back of the Wi-Fi antenna and stick it to the back of the switch board panel. Although Aura switch comes on factory reset mode, please press the factory reset button on the side of the switch.
Fit the device in the box properly and close the switch board. Make sure that the device is placed such that you can screw the switch board back on easily. Close the switch board and switch on the power supply.
Power Supply