Turn your manual switches 
smart & connected

Switch to smart

Wozart Switch Controllers are simple devices that fit behind existing switchboards and turn connected lights or electric circuits smart.

Wozart Switch Controllers come in three configurations; 
Switch, Switch Mini & Switch Pro.


Wozart Switch Controllers require no additional hardware to connect to Wi-Fi and can be controlled using voice and apps from just about anywhere in the world.

Easy to install

Intuitive design attaches right to the existing switches on the inside of switchboard - so you can continue to use your existing manual switch controls. 

Compact Design

Elegant design that fit in any home’s style seamlessly. Stunningly beautiful. Amazingly powerful. Wozart Wi-Fi smart switches does more with less. 

A simple way to turn

your switch controls smart 

With Wozart Switch Controllers the possibilities are endless. You can access your switches from phones, watches, tablets and more. You can automate your appliances to turn on as you walk-in and turn off when the room is unoccupied.

Control at your fingertips.

Control and manage your switches with the Wozart App on iOS and Android devices. Setup is simple and easy to use.

Remote Access

Access your home from just about anywhere in the world. Remotely turn off the water heater incase you forgot to switch it off in a rush to work or pre-cool your home before you arrive home.

Easy Installation

The Wozart Switch Controllers are easy to install and takes less than 10 minutes to setup. Simply connect them as a bridge between the electrical connections and switches. 
All Wozart Switch Controllers are compatible with most physical switches. 


Your Voice is the Switch

Wozart Switch Controllers are integrated with best of the smart home platforms. Our switches fit seamlessly to your home style and works with best of smart home devices. Pair Wozart Switches with HomeKit, Google Home, SmartThings or Amazon Alexa to enable voice control of your appliances and lights.


Hey, Siri

Hey Siri, set my good night scene.

Ok, Google

Ok Google, turn on the fan.


Alexa, Switch on living room lights.

Technical Specifications

 Switch Controller



Dimensions in mm

85 x 58.5  x 21

Number of controls

Max. Power rating

Five (on/off)

4 * 10 A & 1 * 16 A

Switch Controller Pro

Switch Controller Mini

(Length x Widthx Height ) 

47 x 47 x 21


Four Controls
L1 & L2 : on/off
L3: Fan with four step                speed control
L4 : LED with smooth                    dimming

Two  (on/off)


2 * 5A, Fan up to 150 W
& LED Lights up to 100 W

2 * 5 A

85 x 58.5  x 21


Wi-Fi , 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Power supply

110-230 V AC

 A modern villa automated with Wozart Smart home devices.

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