Creating Scenes
Creating Scenes
Scenes let you control multiple accessories at the same time. For example, a scene called “Good Night” can be created that turns off all lights and switches on the AC-all with single tap. Scenes can be triggered with Tap on the scene or by asking Siri.
  • Open the Home app and tap the Home tab or Rooms tab, then Tap Add Scene.
  • You can use a suggested scene or create a custom one. (Fig.01)
  • Tap Add or Remove Accessories.
  • Tap the accessories that you want to add, then tap Done.
  • Touch and hold an accessory to adjust its settings.
  • To preview the scene, tap Test This Scene. Turn on Show in Favorites to access your scene from the Home tab, Control center or your Apple Watch.
  • To finish, tap Done.
To Create Scene