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Connect Google Assistant with Wozart 

Voice control your home Google Assistant enabled speakers & displays

Just start by saying "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" to turn on or off an appliance, set your scenes and dim your lights. For instance you can ask 'Hey Google' to set "Good Night" scene and your home prepares itself for the night to your preference.

The Google Assistant requires either a Google Home speaker, an Android 6.0+ mobile device or Android Wear 2.0+ to connect with Wozart Aura.

Google Home with Wozart - 2
Google Home with Wozart - 3
  • Download and install the Google Home app.

  • At the top Left, tap + > Set up device > Have something already set up?

Google Home with Wozart - 1
Google Home with Wozart - 4
  • Search and select ‘Wozart’ from the list.

  • You will be redirected to a login page, login with the same email account registered with Wozart.

Google Home with Wozart - 5
Google Home with Wozart - 6
Google Home with Wozart - 7
Google Home with Wozart - 8
Google Home with Wozart - 9
  • On successful login, all your connected loads associated with Wozart aura account are listed.

  • You can choose names to call your connected loads and also assign them to rooms in a home for more convenient control.

  • Use simple voice commands and control all your connected appliances just by asking Google Assistant

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