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Wozart Smart Home app- Manage all your taks and activities at home from the Wozart App.

Always connected to your home no matter where you are.

We've developed a very easy to use smart home app for you to manage all your tasks and activities at home & it's completely free.

One tap is all it takes

Wozart allows you to create scenes that enable control of multiple appliances and lights with a single tap.
You can create a scene named "Good Night" that turns off all lights, locks the door and sets the AC to the right temperature. Be it a game night or a romantic dinner, craft inviting spaces that set the perfect mood with a single tap. 

Friends watching football on game night

Home Control at your fingertips

Control your home from your phone with Wozart app. Turn on or off your home appliances & lights from just about anywhere in the world.

Man Accessing his home while shopping for groceries. Remote Access with Wozart
Home on autopilot with Wozart. Use automations to trigger your appliances or scenes based on time of the day, your location, a sensor detection.

Your home on autopilot

Use Automations to trigger your home appliances or scenes based on time of the day, your location, a sensor detection.
Attend to more important activities while Wozart takes care of mundane tasks. 


Set the walkway lights to turn on as you pull up to the house.


Have the coffee maker turn on at 6:00 AM and prepare a hot cup right when you wake up.


Set actions to turn on lights in the living room when the ambient light is low and motion is detected.

Share control of your home

Invite your family members and friends to control your home from anywhere.

Friends using Wozart app. Invite your friends and family to control your home from anywhere.
Create your home layout on the Wozart Smart home app and organize your appliances by room.

Organize your smart devices

Group devices by room, so you can easily access and control devices in any part of the home. 

Getting started is easy

Turning your home to a connected home is simple.
Add, edit and manage your smart devices all in one app.

Download the App

The Wozart app is available for iOS & Android mobile devices. Setting up is easy and only takes a minute.

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