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Imagination Unbound

Wozart LED Orchestrator allows you to adjust the colours on RGB, RGBW and CCT Tunable LED Strips, so you can create the perfect ambience for every moment.
Use your phone, tablet, computer or voice assistants to adjust the colours
to relax, party or focus.

Color-Temperature Control

Smooth Dimming

Universal Compatibility

Personalised lighting for You

Play with colors using Wozart RGBW Smart Lighting

Play with colours

Choose from 16 million colours and shades of white. Entertain your guests with the right vibes or recreate a theatre-like experience at home. Works with RGB, RGBW LED Strips.

Natural light indoors

Your tunable white lights automatically change Color-Temperature throughout the day. Get work done with the help of cool white light that helps you focus during the day and wind down to good sleep in the evenings with warm white light.

Adative Lighting with Wozart Smart Lights | LED Orchestrator

Technical Specifications

Wozart LED Orchestrator



47 * 47 * 21

Compatible loads

Wi-Fi , 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz


12-36 V DC


RGB, RGBW, CCT Tunable LED Lights & strips

Power supply

16 Million RGB combinations or
Tunable White from 2200K to 6500K

Dimensions in mm

(Length x Width x Height ) 

  • How many appliances can Wozart Switch control?
    Wozart switch controller enables control of five appliances or electric circuits.
  • Would my existing physical switches work after installing Wozart switch controllers?
    Yes! Your existing physical switches funtion as before. When the applainces are controlled manually using physical switches, it refelcts on the app as well.
  • Do I need additional smart hubs to control my appliances?
    No, Wozart products are Wi-Fi enabled and communicate directly with your home Wi-Fi network and doesn't require additional hardware.
  • Will the device fit inside my existing switchboard panel?
    Yes, Wozart switch controllers are meticulously designed to fit behind standard switchboards.
  • Do Wozart switch controllers require additonal special wiring?
    No. Wozart switch controllers doesn't require any kind of additional wiring and can be seamlessly integrated with your switchboard panel.
  • Do I need to change my switchboard?
    No. Wozart Switch Controllers are designed to fit perfectly inside a standard switchboard panel.
  • What happens if I make changes to my Wi-Fi network or buy a new router?
    In case the Wi-Fi network name or password is changed the device will not be able to connect back automatically. You have to get your Wozart product in to setup mode and configure it to the network. To get Wozart Switch Controllers in to setup mode, toggle the physical switch connected on second terminal (L2) twelve times under five seconds.
  • Would the devices connect back in the event of power failure?
    Once the Wi-Fi network is back online, Wozart devices will connect back automatically and be available for control from all your smart controller devices.
  • Can I integrate other smart devices with Wozart?
    Wozart products are integrated with best of the smart home ecosystems so that you have a greater choice to customise & build your smart home. Wozart devices can be integrated with devices that have "Works with Apple HomeKit" or "Works with SmartThings" or "Works with Google Assistant" or "amazon alexa enabled" on the packaging.
  • Will Wozart Switch Controller connect to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network?
    Wozart switch controllers will only connect and work with a Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz network. In case you have a dual-band Wi-Fi router ensure both the networks have different SSID(name) or turn off the 5 GHz band.
  • Why does my Wozart Switch Controllers occassionly get disconnected from the network and doesn't respond?
    This can occur either due to network congestion or interference. If you are using a dual-band routers, ensure both the networks have different SSID(network name). Please note: Traditional 2.4 GHz band gives a coverage upto 150 ft indoors and 300 ft outdoors. To solve the issue: 1. Make sure the number of Wi-Fi connected devices are within wireless network range, if not add an additional Wi-Fi access point. 2. Reconnect your smart devices to Wi-Fi network. 3. Access your router settings and check is there is any limit to the number of simultaneous connections. 4. Update firmware to the latest version on your routers, controller devices and Wozart devices.
  • What should I do if Wozart device is offline or not responding?
    First, ensure the Wi-Fi network is working. In case there are no problems with the network, normal reset the device and check if it connected back. Even then if the problem persists, factory reset the device and configure the device again. Get the Wi-Fi router closer to the device or add a repeater near to the device.
Modern villa with Wozart Smart Home Automation.

Need help building your smart home? 

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