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Make Your
Air Conditioner Smart

Control your air conditioner from your phone and smart speakers, anywhere, anytime.
Maximize comfort and save energy

Universal IR Remote

The Wozart Universal IR is an Infra-red remote controller capable of automating all your remote-controlled appliances such as Air Conditioners, Televisions, set-top box, music players and many more.

It can set the air conditioner temperature to your preference, turn on the TV, adjust the volume etc. all using your smartphone or simple voice commands.

Turn Normal Appliances Smart


All your regular, remote controlled appliances can be turned smart with the Wozart Universal IR.

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One Control for Multiple Appliances


Access all your remotes from the mobile app. Control appliances from anywhere in the world.

With Other Devices

Group devices together in scenes and  automations. Let your lights, fans, curtains, entertainment system, etc work in tandem.

Perfect ambient light with Wozart Sense
A modern villa with Wozart Smart Home Automation.

Need help building your smart home? 

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