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Switch to Smart

Wozart Switch Controllers are Wi-Fi retrofit devices that are installed behind your existing switchboards and make your ordinary appliances and lights, smart.
Control all your appliances and lights using smartphones and voice assistants.


Wozart Switch Controllers come in three configurations: 
Switch Controller, Switch Controller Mini and Switch Controller Pro.


Wozart Switch Controllers require no electrical rewiring and connect directly to your Wi-Fi router.

Easy to install

Ergonomic design allows installation behind the switchboard keeping your existing switches operational.

Compact Design

With a thickness of just 21mm, these powerful devices are engineered to have the maximum possible compatibility.

A Simple way to turn
your switch controls Smart 

With Wozart Switch Controllers, the possibilities are endless.
You can access your switches to control lights and home appliances from phones, watches, smart speakers, and more. You can automate your appliances to turn on as you walk in and turn off when the room is unoccupied.

Control at your fingertips

Control and manage your switches with the Wozart App on iOS and Android devices. The setup is simple and the UX is awesome.

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Remote Access.jpg

Remote Access

Control your home from anywhere in the world. Remotely turn off the water heater when you forgot to switch it off in a rush to work or pre-cool your home before you arrive home.

Easy Installation

The Wozart Switch Controllers are easy to install and take less than 10 minutes to setup.
Turn your ordinary switchboard into a smart switch board in a jiffy.


Smart Switches: Easy Installation.jpg

Your Voice is the Switch

Wozart Switch Controllers are integrated with all the leading smart home platforms. The switch Controllers fit seamlessly into your switch plates and work seamlessly with thousands of other smart home accessories. The Wozart Switch Controllers work with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa to enable voice control of your home appliances and lights.


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