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At Wozart, we strive to provide the best smart home experience to our customers.
We deliver exceptional value to our business partners, distributors, resellers and dealers. 

We're always on the lookout to create meaningful partnerships.

Most advanced smart home solution

Wozart products are wireless, retrofit and modular and fits in to home architecture seamlessly.

Wozart smart home devices work with leading ecosystems; Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsun SmartThings.

Leading Smart Home brand

Wozart has the highest number of unique smart home devices on a single platform. We offer a greater choice to the users to build their smart home experience. 

Marketing Efforts

Our team is always ready to provide relevant brand material to market Wozart  products. All resources needed to run effective marketing campaigns will be made accessible to you.

Dedicated Support

We have dedicated teams to provide the support needed to distribute Wozart products. From commercial, logistical to customer support, we're here for you.

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