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TrueOccupancy, the game-changer

Wozart Sense Pro, with the TrueOccupancy sensor built-in automates your home in the truest sense of the word.


As you walk around, your home responds by instantly switching on lights and appliances in the room you entered and switching off those in the room you left. 

Family watching TV in Wozart Smart Home

Control your

Set-top boxes
Air Conditioners
Media players
and more

Also works as a universal remote. Access all your remotes from the mobile app. Controlling your entertainment system, TV and AC just got a whole lot simpler.

Senses Presence. Not just Motion.


No more waving your hands at the sensor to tell it you are still in the room. Wozart Sense Pro detects stationary persons in the room too.

Know when there is movement
Senses for your home

Senses for your home.


Wozart Sense Pro, in addition to detecting presence, measures ambient temperature, humidity and light intensity and allows you to create powerful automations that set the right ambience for every moment.



Temperature sensor




Perfect light.


By measuring the light intensity, Wozart Sense Pro, paired with a Wozart Switch Controller or LED orchestrator can adjust the lighting to your needs. Wozart Sense Pro can illuminate your spaces optimally and help you save energy.

Perfect ambient light with Wozart Sense
A modern villa with Wozart Smart Home Automation.

Need help building your smart home? 

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