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Smart Curtains
= Comfort + Elegance

Control all your curtains and blinds easily using apps or voice control.
The Wozart Motor Controller works with motorised curtains, blinds, garage doors and any other device with a 4/5 wire AC motor.



Garage doors

Comfortable and elegant living

Control and schedule your curtains and blinds with the Wozart App on iOS and Android devices. 

Set the right ambience
Easy setup-Motor.jpg

Easy setup

The Wozart Motor Controller is easy to install next to the curtain's motor, staying away from view.

Set the right ambience

Create the perfect ambience for every moment. Combine your curtains and lighting to create personalised scenes to suit your lifestyle. Once you configure the scenes of your choice, a simple tap on your phone/tablet or a voice command is all you need.

Serene mornings with Wozart.jpg

Technical Specifications

Wozart Motor Controller



47  x 47 x 21

Compatible load types

Wi-Fi , 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Rated load current


4 or 5 wire Single-phase AC Motors

for motors with compensated power factor

Dimensions in mm

(Length x Width x Height ) 

Power supply

110-240 V AC ~ 50/60 HZ

Supported limit switches type

Electronic & Mechanical

Operating Temperature

0-40 °C

Modern villa with Wozart Smart Home Automation.

Need help building your smart home? 

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