Smart Home built by Wozart.

Make your home a Safe, Private, Energy Efficient, Voice-Controlled Smart Home in minutes with Wozart

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Apple HomeKit allows control of your favorite smart home devices all in one place. Available across all Apple devices.

Wozart Switch Controllers

Wozart Switch Controllers are retrofit, wireless and modular devices that turn any physical switch smart & connected. Control your home using voice and app interfaces from just about anywhere in the world.

Retrofit, Wi-Fi devices that fit behind standard switchboards & enable control and monitoring of connected appliances.

Wozart Motor Controller

Wi-Fi powered devices designed for control of AC powered motorised window coverings and blinds.

Works with

We play well with others. Wozart products work with your favorite smart home brands and offer a greater choice.

Apple HomeKit
Hey Siri, Set my Good Morning Scene.

Control your home using your voice with an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod, Mini or just about any Apple device.

Amazon Alexa
Alexa, Set AC to 22.

Control your favorite smart home devices using voice with Alexa enabled speakers and  displays.


Hey Bixby, It's Movie Time

SmartThings works with a wide range of connected devices. Available on both Android & iOS devices.

Google Home

Ok Google, turn on living room lights

Control your smart home devices with Google Assistant speakers and displays. 

A day in a  connected home

Women waking up to a beautiful morning. Orchestrate a perfect morning routine with Wozart.

6:00 AM

Wake to serene Mornings. Orchestrate a perfect morning routine with Wozart, when you wake up, your window coverings are coming off letting in gentle sunlight, favourite music is playing and coffee machine is brewing your morning coffee.

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