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Do you find Voice Assistants annoying?
Just Click.

Wozart Scene Controller allows you to trigger upto 12 actions.

Each button can trigger 3 scenes - one on a single click, one on a double-click and one on press and hold.

1 x click

Turn on/off the light.

2 x click

Turn on the sound system, the TV, and set the right temperature for a movie night. 

Press and hold

Heading out? Turn off all appliances and lights with a push.

Three triggers, endless possibilities

Simple controls for a Connected Home


Trigger scenes with a click. Scenes can control multiple actions on several devices.

Kickstart the morning

Run your morning routine;

  • Listen to your favourite music during your morning workout

  • Catch up on the previous day's news while having your coffee

Kickstart Mornings
Scene Control

Mood control

Set the perfect mood with a click. Sit back, relax and enjoy the moment..

  • Turn on the entertainment system

  • Set the right temperature

  • Mesmerise your guests with the perfect lighting for every occasion

Leaving Home?

Turn off all the lights and the TV, close the window curtains and turn off the HVAC with a single click on the Wozart Scene Controller at the door.


Leave Home
Modern home with Wozart Smart Home Automation

Need help building your smart home? 

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