Keeping up with technology - Smart Home Automation

If you're still toggling switches to turn things on, or waiting for the water heater to prepare your bath, we're afraid you're still doing things, the old-fashioned way. Probably it's time to switch to smart home automation.

Don't worry, keeping up with technology and staying up to date on the latest trends is not so difficult.

Have a look at the 5 things that will make your home smart and keep you trendy, almost instantly.

1. Smart Curtains

Wouldn’t it be nice, if your curtains open every morning and wake you to the morning Sun?

Well, they now can. With Wozart Motor Controller, you can program any motorized blinds or curtains to gently wake you up to fresh air and morning sun as the day unfolds.

Smart curtains automatic opening using Wozart Curtain Controller

Go on that much-deserved vacation without worrying about a break-in. Set a schedule for your smart curtains to make it look as if someone's home and make your home less vulnerable to burglars looking for easy plunder.

Smart curtains can also be programmed to close when the occupants leave home and open when they arrive, courtesy of geo-fencing. By maximizing the usage of natural light during the day, Smart curtains cut-down energy usage and promote sustainability. The small changes that we make to our lifestyle positively impact environmental sustainability.

2. Smart Lighting

Light up your home with smart lights as your desire and to your mood. Manipulate the color, brightness, and hues of your lights to enjoy the perfect ambiance that syncs to your mood. Configure stunning scenes that can be used for every occasion. Set a vibrant scene for your Saturday night house party or enjoy a quaint Sunday afternoon with cozy ambient light.

Smart Lighting in a house controlled by Wozart LED Controller

Apart from accentuating your interiors, smart lighting is an affordable upgrade that reduces your energy costs. They can be scheduled to turn on and off, only when you are at home and need it. So now you can finally afford to forget a glowing light as you scamper to work because the light remembers. Couple it with a dimming feature (adjust the intensity of the light) and the energy-savings multiply.