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What is Wozart?

If we humans are to build something aesthetically pleasing and live meaningful & impactful lives, we must use smart devices to aid us with mundane tasks at home & work. This way, we will have more time to focus on the things that matter.

With the intention of making everyday life easier, Wozart has created a user-friendly smart home automation solution that allows us to control, monitor, and automate connected appliances and lights from anywhere in the world.

Five minutes is all it takes to turn a regular home into a smart one. With Wozart devices, you equip your home with senses such as hearing and touch. You can easily change the atmosphere and create the perfect ambience for various activities with just a tap or by voicing a command

Wozart Switch Controller - works with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings

After a long weary day, would it not be awesome to just ask Wozart to switch on the lights & adjust the air conditioning temperature to create the perfect ambience with ease? Furthermore, you can create 'Scenes' to control multiple appliances with just a tap. With Scenes, lights and appliances of your liking can be triggered and set to desired intensity in a flash. Want your house to share your mood? Or Make a party more exuberant? Wozart Scenes can do it all.

You will have the full freedom to control & monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

With the use of location-based automation, Wozart can create the ideal environment for you when you arrive home from work. Wozart is the only connected device that is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and SmartThings. The Wozart devices are compact in size and do not need any additional wiring, making them easy to install behind any switchboard.

Control home appliances using Wozart on all Apple smart gadgets

Adding this smart device behind your existing switchboard and connecting it to your Wi-Fi will allow you to experience the magic of Wozart. If you ever plan to move or change your automation settings, Wozart devices are portable and can be retrofitted. The usage of iCloud provides data privacy and military-grade encrypted communication protocols for a secure home automation environment to integrate with locks and doorbell cameras. With over-the-air updates, Wozart is a future-proof solution.

Overall, Wozart’s products are designed to make home life more convenient and secure. By using Wozart’s products, users can control their appliances, monitor their homes, and adjust the temperature in their homes from anywhere in the world.

Take part in a new lifestyle with Wozart, which allows you to create the perfect ambience with lights set to your preferences with minimal effort.


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