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Home Control Is Just A Click Away With The Wozart Scene Controller

Do you find talking to a voice assistant weird?

Or do you just like to have the physical feeling of being in control while using your smart devices?

Either way, the Wozart Scene Controller has you covered.

Once all your automation products are connected, you can set unique scenes involving multiple devices. When the scene is triggered through command, all these devices will jump into action.

And the Scene Controller is just the device to deliver these commands without using your smartphone or voice assistant.

Do you know what that means? No more “Hey Siri” or “OK Google.” Phew.

The Wozart Scene Controller - Three Triggers, Endless Possibilities

The Wozart Scene Controller is a Bluetooth mesh-enabled smart device that allows you to control accessories using automations.

You can trigger up to 12 actions through the 4 buttons on the device. For an average to large-sized home, that is all the control you’d generally need.

How it works

The device has four buttons, each of which can control three scenes through the following actions:

  • 1 x Click: For actions that you regularly trigger, like turning on/off lights, fans, and other appliances.

  • 2 x Click: For controlling devices of secondary usage, like the sound system, TV, AC, etc.

  • Press & Hold: For actions carried out typically once or twice a day, like turning off all devices while leaving home, setting the ambiance for movie night, etc.

Use Cases

The Scene Controller can be used for invoking anything from the most basic gestures to very complex scenes involving any number of devices.

1. Basic Triggers

Carry out the most generic daily actions like switching on/off your lights and fans according to your needs.

2. Running Routines

Kick-start daily routines with the click of a button.

Say, you have a morning routine where you have your coffee while listening to the news. Once you wake up and press the button, the scene controller will command the Smart Plug to switch on your coffee maker and your smart speaker to read out the news in the background.

3. Mood Control

Set up any atmosphere you like and trigger it easily.

Mood Control with Wozart Scene Controller

For example, if you are planning on streaming a live football match with your friends, the Scene Controller, on command, can set the perfect mood. The Switch Controller will turn on your entertainment system, the Motor Controller will close your blinds and the LED Orchestrator will dim the lights, all in a matter of seconds.

“I Like It & I Wanna Buy Now!”

Good things take time. That holds true for the Scene Controller as well.

The device is currently in production and has not been made available to the public yet. Months and years of research and development go into every Wozart product. It’s no different for the Scene Controller too.

But we don’t think that’s going to stop you if you’ve come this far down the blog.

So, if you’d like to let our team know about it, go over to the contact page and drop us a message.

We’ll keep your interest on priority and notify you once the device is in stock so that you can avail early bird discounts and all other benefits.


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