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Matter Smart Home standard delayed until Fall 2022

Matter the new smart home standard that is intended to solve the problems of interoperability and simplify the use of smart home devices has been delayed, Again.

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Matter was originally slated for launch in 2020, the setback comes as the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) needs more time to further improve the code quality, stability and accommodate the breadth of devices and platforms.

This includes work in a few key areas of the specification, like access control functions, device attestation and security (related to the Distributed Compliance Ledger and Public Key Infrastructure), and device interaction functions. Furthermore, CSA have extended efforts to allow for the build and verification of more than 16 development platforms (OS’s and chipsets) so that Matter will launch with a healthy supply chain of compatible platforms to support new Matter devices, apps, and ecosystems.

When fully operational, Matter will allow devices from Apple, Google, Samsung, Wozart, Philips and many other companies to work together in a single smart home ecosystem. Using Matter, an August Lock, a Logitech Video doorbell and Wozart Smart plugs could all be controlled through any of the Smart Home apps such as the Google Home, the Apple Home, the Amazon Alexa or the SmartThings. The user is in complete control and not locked to any one ecosystem.

With the latest delay, it is going to be at least six months until we see any Matter devices on shelves, probably longer. That timeline is just for devices from the 50 companies that are currently in the testing process, which are allowed to test their products through the Specification Validation Events (SVE) now planned for the summer. Others will have to wait until the SVE is complete to begin their testing.

The test harness and test tools will also be feature complete, and Version 0.9 of the Matter specification will be made available to all Alliance members at mid-year. The SVE will follow and, once complete and validated, we will see the launch of Matter 1.0 in the fall.

Despite the delay, the Connectivity Standards Alliance says member companies are "all-in, the finish line is in sight, and we are reaching milestones with confidence, quality, and massive support."

Barring further delays, your smart home could be more connected starting in 2023.

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Apr 06, 2022

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