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Wozart - Advanced Wireless Smart Home Automation

Picture this

You’re driving home after a very tiring, loooong day at work. All you want to do when you get home is grab a good dinner, get a nice hot shower, and go to bed with the AC on.

But you dread doing all that by yourself. I mean, come on, who’d want to do all those menial tasks after an exhausting day? If only someone would cook your food, set your bath, and prepare your room for you.

And then it hits you, someone can. You give a sigh of relief and speak to your new best friend, “Hey Siri, I’ll be home in 10 mins.”

That’s all it takes. As you enter the home, the lights are dimmed, mellow music is playing in the background, the geyser is running and the water is at your preferred temperature and your bedroom is cooled down for a perfect night.

“Pure magic,” you say to yourself before going off to sleep.

Table of Contents

  1. Wozart - Inventing Tomorrow

  2. Highlights

  3. Smart Devices. Connected Living.

    1. Single Device Control

    2. Organize Your Devices

    3. Set The Mood

    4. Set Automations

  4. Features

    1. Smart Control

    2. Wireless

    3. Compact & Durable

    4. Modular

    5. Safe

    6. Remote Access

    7. Easy to Install

    8. Shared Access

    9. Plays Well With Others

  5. Wozart Products

    1. Wozart Switch Controller

    2. Wozart Switch Controller Mini

    3. Wozart Switch Controller Pro

    4. Wozart Smart Plug

    5. Wozart Motor Controller

    6. Wozart LED Orchestrator

    7. Wozart Sense

    8. Wozart Scene Controller

  6. Why Wozart?

  7. Buy Now!

Wozart - Inventing Tomorrow

Wozart Technologies, founded in 2016, is a highly advanced manufacturer of sustainable and environment-friendly products in the IoT sector. Wozart connected devices simplify and enhance everyday human life while protecting the environment.

The company is a provider of smart solutions for homes, workplaces, and industries - bringing convenience, simplicity, and luxury into everyday living.

Wozart envisions a world where all the mundane tasks are attended by machines and every human being lives to their fullest potential. All the products in our suite have been crafted with care, keeping in mind safety, reliability, and quality over everything else.


Wozart Works with all leading Smart Home Ecosystems

  • Works with all leading smart home ecosystems

  • First & only Apple HomeKit compatible home automation product line in India

  • Devices are retrofittable and require no rewiring

  • Manufactured & Assembled with love in Hyderabad, India.

  • Channel partners across all major Indian cities

Smart Devices. Connected Living.

Wozart gives you the ability to bend reality to fit your needs. With the Wozart Connected Experience, you can access your home from literally anywhere in the world and make it work to your preference.

Smart Devices, Connected Living | Wozart Smart Homes

Single Device Control

Turn on/off your lights and fans. Set your fan speed or room temperature. Change light intensity, colours, room temperature, and many more such controls from within the app.

Organize Your Devices

Once all the devices are added to the app, group them by room and name the room for easier access and control from anywhere.

Set The Mood

With Scenes, you can control multiple appliances or lights with a click or a voice command. For example, a "Good Night" scene can be created where the Switch Controllers turn off all the lights; Motor Controllers close the window curtains, and the AC adjusts the temperature to your preference.

Set Automations

Set your home on auto-pilot mode; attend to more important activities while Wozart takes care of your mundane tasks. Automatically turn off or on your appliances and lights based on location, time, and more.


Wozart is more than what meets the eye. Over the past 5 years, we have rolled up hundreds of user-friendly features into our devices. Some of them are given below:

Wozart Smart Home Features

  • Smart Control

Control all your connected devices using voice commands or smart home apps. Wozart responds to any device - be it a smartphone, smartwatch, television, laptop, speaker, etc.

  • Wireless

Wozart works on wireless data communication protocols. With this technology, you can add more devices anytime without any changes to your home.

  • Compact & Durable

Wozart devices are crafted beautifully by our designers & fit seamlessly into your home architecture. They are built to last.

  • Modular

Be it a single appliance or complete building automation, Wozart is perfect for you. The solution can be expanded gradually to your growing needs.

  • Safe

Your privacy & data security is of most importance to us. All wireless communication & access to your home is protected using the highest level of encryption using TLS protocols & secure cloud platforms.

  • Remote Access

With the mobile application & voice assistants, you can control & monitor your home from anywhere, anytime & using any device.

  • Easy to Install

Wozart's minimalistic design makes installation hassle-free. Without having to change a thing, setting up the Wozart is as easy as it gets.

  • Shared Access

Sharing the joy of smart living is as easy as sending an email. Invite family members & friends to access your home - all from the app.

  • Plays well with others

Wozart products work with major smart home ecosystems giving you a greater choice. It is a complementary system and ready to be integrated with other manufacturers’ hardware & software. Native integrations with iOS and Android, through HomeKit and Google Home, offers the best possible user experience.

Wozart Products

We constantly keep adding to our range of powerful products. The descriptions of the existing lot are given below, with more revolutionary devices about to make the list soon.

Wozart Smart Home Devices

Wozart Switch Controller is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device that fits inside a switch box and enables control of five independent electrical appliances or circuits. It can control 3 connected loads up to 250W and 2 loads up to 1000W.

Wozart Switch Controller Mini is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device that fits inside a switch box and enables control of two independent electrical appliances or circuits with a power output of up to 150W each.

Wozart Switch Controller Pro is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device that fits inside a switch box and enables control of two independent electrical appliances or circuits with a power up to 300W, a fan with 4-step speed control, and an LED light with intensity regulation.

Wozart Smart Plug is a simple Wi-Fi-enabled smart device that can be plugged into any 16A socket and turn your existing dumb appliances into smart ones. It works with electrical appliances with a rated power output of up to 2400W.

The Wozart Motor Controller is a simple device that can control any AC-powered motorized curtains, blinds, or garage doors. It enables you to open & close your curtains using app interfaces, voice assistants, or manually.

The Wozart LED Orchestrator is a Wi-Fi smart device that is designed to control RGB & RGBW strip lights. It lets you adjust the colors and intensity of the rope lights in your home to suit the ambiance and vibe you desire.

Wozart Sense is a multi-sensor and universal IR remote that is capable of controlling all your remote-controlled appliances such as TV, AC, set-top box, music player, home theatre, etc.

Wozart Scene Controller is a Bluetooth mesh-enabled smart device that allows you to control accessories using automation. It comes with four buttons each capable of 3 actions. Various actions may be triggered with one click, two clicks, or by holding the button down.

Why Wozart?

Wozart stands out from the competition for a lot of reasons. We are always focused on delivering the best possible product to our customers. We have consciously taken an effort in many areas to set ourselves apart from the other players in the IoT space:

  • Simple to install & easy to use. No rewiring required

  • Works with existing and new switchboards & appliances

  • Wireless and ultra-modern technology

  • Works with the best smart home ecosystems

  • Fully developed & manufactured in India

  • 3-year replacement warranty

Need someone to talk to to help you build your dream smart home? Drop us a message at or +91 83095 91336 and we will schedule a call with one of our in-house experts.

Welcome to simplified living.



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