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Smart home adoption accelerated during COVID-19.

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the world and affected our lives in ways we never imagined. Until this outbreak, concepts like "mask mandates", "lockdowns" or "social distancing" were unknown to most of us. We are now spending more time at home, unable to go out, meet friends or attend social gatherings. Technology has come to our rescue during this crisis, helping to find drugs, combat misinformation, deliver essentials, make strategic decisions, and to relieve stress through entertainment and virtual gatherings.

With more time at home and less help available, many have embraced smart home technologies to aid with their daily routines. Stay-at-home orders changed the very notion of how people interact and live in their homes, driving people to reconfigure their physical space to meet new functional requirements, including working and learning at home, creating at-home gyms, or finding new ways to relax and enjoy themselves. A wake-up routine that automatically opens the curtains, upbeat music playing on the stereo at regular intervals to kick out of the work stress, smart robots to help clean the floors and smart speakers providing guidance to try new recipes, and turning off all lights with a single tap when you are ready for bed, are some of the smart technology interventions that made life easier during these tough times.

Consumers are embracing the concept of connected living, to make their lives easier, comfortable, and secure in these challenging times. In a recent study, 70% of people have reported making changes to their living environment due to spending more time at home and 51% have purchased at least one smart home device during the same period. The recent ABI study says that the market for smart home technologies will reach $317 billion by 2026, representing an additional 5 percent of growth over pre-COVID-19 forecasts. In short, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of smart home solutions.

While more consumers are adopting smart home technology, for the people who are new to the idea of home automation, taking the first step towards reimagining a home requires some assistance. With so many devices and technologies to choose from, it’s important to avoid the common pitfalls and create a smart home that best suits your needs.

Here is a checklist of five technology considerations that should always be heeded while choosing a smart home system.


Smart home compatibility

An ideal smart home should have devices that work seamlessly together. Your TV, music system, lighting, and blinds should work together to create a perfect ambiance. So it makes sense to choose a smart home ecosystem that accommodates a wide range of devices and technologies.

You shouldn't have to be switching between apps to access different devices in your home. A unified app that integrates all the aspects of your home’s functionality will make life more convenient, and your property much easier to manage.


Organize your smart home to your liking with Wozart

Being able to upgrade your systems with your growing needs is the sort of flexibility that will make your smart home truly smart. Future-proof your smart home with systems that allow for easy extension and adoption of new technology.

One of the better choices in terms of flexibility is opting for a wireless smart home system. It’s both easy to install and provides you with the freedom to expand without the hassle of rewiring and tearing down walls. The Wi-Fi-based controllers eliminate the requirement for any additional hub for the smart home system as all smart devices connect directly to the IP network. Whether you’re looking to completely automate the home or just want to get the feel of smart living, you can pick a plan that suits your needs.


Senior citizens using Wozart Smart Home App

A smart home should be able to deliver a pleasurable user experience to people of all ages. You want the smart home to make life easier, not add complexity.

Navigating through a complex app can be exhausting for less tech-savvy and elderly users. The smart home app should be easy to use and offer powerful customisations that make life easier, safer, healthier, and more enjoyable, even for the elderly.


Data Security with Wozart Smart Homes

Smart homes offer enormous convenience yet security remains its biggest concern. Since not all devices are equally secure, it is recommended to choose brands that prioritize the data security of the devices and run regular audits on their software to keep them more secure.

Home automation devices that are able to upgrade themselves over time with Over the Air (OTA) updates and add the latest security patches achieve a higher level of security. It is also worth mentioning that users should also be aware of the potential security risks and practice good cyber hygiene to stay secure.

Pricing and Installation

Easy Installation and affordable pricing for Wozart Smart Homes

Home automation is now an experience that anyone can get their hands on, without worrying about the budget. While the older wired automation solutions are on the more expensive side, you get a huge cost advantage when you choose a wireless solution with a similar feature set.

Wireless automation solutions are also expandable, scalable, and portable. The installation of a wireless system doesn’t often require professional assistance and can be done easily in minutes, without the need to make any changes to the electrical wiring.

Smart devices inspire consumers to see new uses for their space: such as creating at-home movie theatres, access to a plethora of streamed content, smart speakers, and more; or, creating a specified workspace with increased connectivity, automated lighting, and upgrading existing tech to smart solutions. Smart ecosystems also help consumers automate daily tasks, improving productivity, efficiency, and the home overall; such as automated cleaning schedules with air purifiers, smart appliances, or robot vacuums. Smart home devices can have a lasting impact on how we interact with the space around us, beyond 2021 and 2022, providing upgrades and impetus for long-term benefits.

At Wozart, we have carefully crafted our products to provide the ultimate smart home experience. Our goal is to be the go-to brand for the best smart home experience and reliable automation solutions.

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