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Wozart unveils its revolutionary new product - True Occupancy Sensor

Urbanization & industrial advancements have impacted human lives profoundly. In today’s hyper-connected and fast-paced world, consumers are increasingly striving for convenient solutions that help to simplify their busy lives. While the quest for convenience has its own advantages, the undeniable disadvantage is the increased energy that is accompanied by it. Sustainable energy consumption is now a global goal.

Wozart has always believed in digital sustainability and worked towards increasing energy efficiency in homes. We enable homes and offices to benefit from the opportunities of connected living, to enhance their living while achieving efficiency gains.

Inventing Tomorrow

There are a number of problems encountered with existing smart homes solutions such as lack of interoperability, cumbersome installation process, unaffordability, insecure data communication among devices, and the quality of UX.

Wozart has been working towards inventing a better tomorrow by creating retrofittable, secure, and reliable IoT solutions to build smart homes, hotels, and hospitals of the future.

Wozart devices allow users to control, monitor, and automate their homes for both convenience and optimized energy consumption.

Wozart Smart Home Automation | TruOccupancy

Here are some of the key differentiating factors that make Wozart products extremely efficacious in a Smart home environment.

Interoperability: A key value of the smart home lies in devices’ ability to work with each other. The absence of interoperability has often proved a major challenge for smart home users. Wozart solves such problems efficiently with products that are compatible with all the major smart home platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings and provides a well-integrated smart home experience.

Affordability: Wozart devices do not require a hub, making them extremely affordable.

Data Security: Wozart uses iCloud and AWS for our data storage and ensures uninterrupted usage and secure data infrastructure. All device to device, and device to cloud communication are encrypted with the best systems available.

Installation: Wozart devices are designed to fit behind any switchboard to make the installation a seamless process. Existing and new homes can be automated easily with minimal to no wiring changes.

UI & UX: The Wozart app was designed to ensure managing your home is an enjoyable and effortless affair. Wozart's simple and easy-to-use app can easily be accessed by people of all ages including those who have a tough time with technology.

True Occupancy Sensor - Truly Revolutionary

TruOccupancy - A revolutionary sensor that makes your home respond to your every move

In line with their mission of sustainably enhancing and simplifying human life, Wozart has announced the launch of the world’s first presence-based smart home solution “TrueOccupancy sensor”. Unlike the motion sensors available today, Wozart’s TrueOccupancy Sensor can detect a person, even when they are standing still and there’s absolutely no motion. Installed at the doorway, the TrueOccupancy Sensor uses thermal imaging and AI to count the number of people walking in and out of the room, without compromising on privacy.

Knowing the occupancy of each room allows unoccupied rooms and appliances to automatically be turned off without any human intervention. It also avoids inadvertent triggering to save energy and costs.

Built-in with an IR Controller, the TrueOccupancy sensor enables the dream of a truly automated home. Your home responds to your movements by turning on the lights and appliances in the room you enter and turning them off in the room you leave as you proceed. You can even choose which lights and appliances to turn on/off depending on the time of the day and the temperature, humidity, and ambient light intensity in the room.

Matter Technology

Matter Smart home Standard Logo

Another big news in the smart automation landscape is ‘Matter’. Matter is an upcoming standard in the smart home industry that plans to unify Apple, Amazon and Google’s smart home systems into one. With Matter, all your smart home devices can work across different ecosystems. For instance, Matter accessories within HomeKit mean more flexibility in how you set up your smart home and how seamlessly it all works together.

Wozart’s entire range of products will be compatible with Matter soon after its launch.


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