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Take control of your home 

Control virtually everything in your home from anywhere, all from a smartphone app or voice.

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Control from anywhere

Control, monitor, and automate your home from anywhere in the world.

Completey wireless

Live Connected with Wozart wireless smart home devices. No external hub is required.

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5 Minute installation

Turn your house into a smart home in minutes. No rewiring, no hassle.

Works with

Wozart devices work with your favorite smart home products to make life more simple and convenient.


Apple HomeKit

Control your home using voice with an iPhone, iPad, Apple watch or just about any Apple device.

iPhone, iPad, HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple Watch with Wozart Smart home automation.
Google Home Displays & speakers works with Wozart devices.

Google Home

Control your home using voice with Google Assistant-enabled speakers or displays.

Amazon Alexa

Control your home using voice with Alexa-enabled speakers or displays.

Alexa Smart displays & speakers with Wozart Smart home automation.
Control your home using Samsung SmartPhones, refrigerators and other smart displays using Wozart devices.


Control your home using Samsung Smartphones, refrigerators or any Android or iOS devices using the SmartThings app.

Meet our bestsellers

Wozart Switch controllers

Switch to smart and control all your appliances using smartphones, voice assistants and more.

Wozart Smart Plug | An Easy way to turn any outlet, Smart

Turn any appliance smart and control it from anywhere in the world using our plug n' play outlet, the Wozart Smart Plug.

The Wozart Mission

About Wozart

Simply Smart

Wozart was founded in 2016 with the goal of improving energy efficiency within homes. We are committed to providing convenient products that allow you to control and monitor your home, including devices designed for comfort and optimum energy consumption.

At Wozart, we're inspired by everyday life. Waking to serene mornings, coming home to a space that's warm and inviting. Reading to your little ones and engaging in things that matter to you. We take moments like these and make them better.

Wozart Connected Devices are technologically advanced, simple to install, and easy to use. We strive to provide the best possible user experience throughout the product lifecycle, right from purchase to installation to reliable usage over many years.

Wozart believes that simplifying everyday life is a yardstick of human progress; we work passionately on making our planet more livable and delightful.



To sustainably enhance and simplify human life.


Impact a Million Households through Connected Devices by 2025.

Awards and Recognition

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Ready to build your smart home?

Schedule a consultation with our experts and we will create a
smart home tailored to you.

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