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Wozart Universal IR


What should I do if the device isn't repsonding?

Follow the below steps sequentially till the problems is resolved.

  • Reconnect your controller device (phones, tablets, etc.) to the Wi-Fi network same as Wozart Universal IR.

  • Restart your Wi-Fi router.

  • Normal reset the Wozart Universal IR as explained below.

  • Factory reset the device as explained below; remove the device from the app before reconfiguring the accessory.

Note*: If the device is factory reset, all your customisations are lost. Do it only if all other options fail

Normal Reset

Switch off the power supply to the device for 5 seconds and then switch it back on.

Factory Reset

Insert a pin, Push and hold the button at the back for 10 seconds. The Red LED indicator on the device will start blink after the device is factory reset.

Note: If factory reset is done all your customization is lost. Do it only if required.

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