Hello, Designers! Include smart home solutions into the interior design to build timeless home decor

Designing the perfect & personalised home for every client is something every interior designer aspires to achieve. Good interior designing is a piece of timeless art. It’s not just an orderly arrangement inside a house; it’s about making the house functionally and aesthetically harmonious for people living in it.

Home automation is the new addition to interior designing

Therefore, it is of vital importance for an interior designer to utilize science and art to create the most optimal experience that amplifies the at-home experience in all possible ways. Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in technology; creating an aesthetically and functionally appealing home is now a matter of few clicks.

The latest tool in the arsenal of interior designers that can conjure the most magical experience is none other than IoT based home automation solution. The concept of the smart home is entering the stratosphere quite rapidly and exposure to a plethora of ideas from across the globe is empowering new-age consumers with more information, which in turn is creating more and more demand. Well, that’s not a bad thing at all. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

As professional interior designers, you can contemplate the importance of managing various household components with ease. A savvy designer can foresee the need for having a system in place that enables homeowners to control and engage with their home through their smart devices anytime, anywhere!

Whether designing a classic home or keeping it rustic, a prudent designer will be able to strike the right balance between style and functionality with the help of modern home automation technology.

Incorporating home automation technology into your interior design can elevate homeowners’ living experience. For you to design a space that’s both aesthetically and functionally appealing. Apart from conscientiously choosing the right pattern and colour for walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and furnishings to every single décor item, making the right selection in every aspect, even the right choice of lighting is very important.

For example, instead of gathering multiple light bulbs to create an ambience for different occasions, you can go for smart devices like Wozart Switch Controllers that comes with in-built voice-control feature and integrates with any smart device to transform the ambience magically!

When designing a home, you can use home automation solution to sync and schedule appliances like geysers, coffee machine, dishwasher to carry out a set of functions on ONE command.

By incorporating technology into your design, you can add a sense of comfort with style for your clients. This will not only make your craft stand out but stand above the rest in ways more than one.

A smart switch can help you integrate many appliances on devices like phones, tablets, laptops, watches etc seamlessly. And, the best part is the entire arrangement is wireless, so, you no longer have to conquer the world of clunky fixtures and wires for concocting a clutter-free neat look. With home automation in your stride, you can focus on being creative in the most hassle-free way!

From contemporary to classic, opulent to minimalistic and sophisticated to rustic - creativity is all about blending technology with myriad hues of imagination! When designing beautiful looking homes, endeavouring to make the homeowners feel comfortable and relaxed at home never goes out of style.

By leveraging smart home automation devices, you can easily add that Wow factor to your designs every single time and make them timeless.