Smart Home India - 7 Home Automation Ideas For 2022

It’s 2022, and home automation is not just for the tech-savvy anymore.

It’s a really exciting time to buy smart home products in India. The Indian home automation space is seeing a lot of innovations popping up as of late.

Security - The first and foremost thing smart homes can help us with is safety. Whether it’s via intelligent sensors that can detect potential fire or intruders attempting to get in; or whether it’s giving advice to improve one's physical health, smart homes can make our homes foolproof.

Health and fitness - Smart homes are expected to become the ultimate fitness centres in 2022, helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle across cities and towns in India. Fitness band integration would be widespread; specialized apps will connect it with smart beds, weighing scales, and walking boards would all be used to help us get fit better at home without ever having to leave for the gym.

Smart laundry - The age-old task of doing laundry will get smarter in 2022. Home automation comp